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Voracek powers Flyers with 2 goals, 3 pts to wipe out the Hurricanes.  Gostisbehere with 3 pts too!
Breaking down the Flyers schedule:
      Every year the Flyers schedule comes out, I study like a 12 year old when he gets a new comic book.  Will I travel to a game or games?  I realized a life long dream when I went on a west coast Canada swing and saw the Flyers play (an lose) to the Canucks, Flames and Oilers two years ago.
      I must say up front, for attending road Flyers games, this year's schedule is the worst.  I wanted to go to the Florida games this year, but they play the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  UGH!  No only would travel stink and be expensive, but would take me away for a holiday which I usually rest.
       So here's out it looks:   There are 13 Sunday games, 4 Monday games, 14 Tuesday games, 10 Wednesday games, 17 Thursday games, 4 Friday games, and 20 Saturday games.
        Of the 13 Sunday games, only 3 are at home.  A November Flames game, two games against the Hurricanes in March and April, including the last game of the season.  Of the 10 away Sunday games 2 are 12:30pm games, 2 at 5pm, 3 at 6pm, 1 at 7:30 and 2 are at 10pm.  9 of the 13 come after January 1st.
         4 games are on Monday, 3 are home games at 7pm, 1 is away at 7:30.
         14 Tuesday games are split down the middle, with 7 at home, 7 away.  All are at 7 or 7:30, except two away games at 8pm and 8:30pm (Blackhawks, 3rd game of the season).
         Wednesday night brings NBCSN's games, and the Flyers have their share.  Of the 10 games, they are slotted for 8pm six times.  Of the other four, 2 are at 7pm (1 H, 1 A) and two late niters away at 9:30pm and 10pm.
        Thursday has 17 games, including 10 home 7pm games.  The away games feature 5 at 7 or 7:30pm, 1 at 8pm, 1 at 9pm.  
       Friday has only 4 games, none are in 2017, and only 1 is at home, the after Thanksgiving game vs the Rangers.  The other 3 away games include the season opener against the Kings at 10:30pm, at 10pm Dec.30th game at the Sharks, and on Nov.11th (which marries up to a large Hockey card show in Toronto) at the Leafs.
          Saturday has 20 games, 11 during the day with 8 at 1pm, 1 at 12:30pm, and 2 at 2pm.  5 of the 9 night games are at home.  2 in Oct, 1 mid-November, 1 in January,  1 in April (the last two against the Devils).
         The biggest duration of time off comes between the Sunday, January 15th 12:30 Caps game, and the Saturday night January 21st hone game against the Devils.  Big home stands include 7 games of 9 from Nov.12th to Nov. 29th.  The two games in the middle are in Florida.  There is a 5 game home stand in the very beginning of February.  The Flyers will also enjoy playing 5 of the last 7 games of the season at home.
       With the World Cup stalling the beginning of the season until October 14th, the Flyers will only play 10 games in October.  November will see 14 games, December 14 games, January 13 games, February 11 games, March 15 games, and April 5 games. 
Next Game:
 @ Canadiens 
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You've had a brief look at the Flyers, how many of the 7 games remaining in October will they win? 

4 35.56% (16 votes)

5 28.89% (13 votes)

3 24.44% (11 votes)

6 6.67% (3 votes)

2 4.44% (2 votes)

Total Votes: 45
Monday, Oct. 24th  7:30pm
      Jake Voracek scored his 1st and 2nd goals against the Hurricanes on Saturday night.  He also assisted on Mannings goal and finished +2 in 19 and a half minutes of ice time.
Flyers 6 Hurricanes 3
     The Flyers put up 6 goals on Saturday against and the defense and goaltending made it stand up.  The defense blocked 23 Hurricanes shot, including 5 by Nick Schultz.  Steve Mason made 27 saves and 2 of 3 on the Hurricanes 5 power plays.  The Hurricanes scored all 5 goals in the second period.
      Flyers goals were scored by Brandon Manning (1st of season), Jake Voracek (1st and 2nd of the season), Matt Read (5th of the season), Shayne Gostisbehere (1st of the season) and Wayne Simmonds scored his 4th of the season and 3rd on the power play.
Brandon Manning has been an offensive leader on the defense this year.  He got the Flyers on the scoreboard on Saturday night with his first goal of the season.  He finished the game +2 & 3 hits in almost 19 minutes of ice time 
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  Shayne Gostisbehere scored his first goal of the year, then assisted on both Flyers third period goals in the win over the Hurricanes on Saturday night.
    Steve Mason earned his 1st win of the year yielding only 3 goals, 1 on the power play, in the second period of Saturday's game against the Hurricanes.