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Matt Read got the Flyers on the board in the first period with his 22nd goal.  Against the Hurricanes he finished +1 with a blocked shot.
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Mark Streit was +3 with 2 assist and 2 blocked shots in almost 25 minutes of ice time against the Hurricanes.
Will you attend either of the Phantoms hockey games in Philly in February?

No, minor league hockey does not appeal to me 33.33% (13 votes)

Yes, I like all hockey that is Flyers 20.51% (8 votes)

Yes, I like the Flyers and I can afford the Phantoms tickets 20.51% (8 votes)

Yes, I go to Flyers games, and the Phantoms games will fill the void during the Olympic break 20.51% (8 votes)

No, I don't really know the players and have better things to do 5.13% (2 votes)
Total Votes: 39
Wayne Simmonds scored his 29th goal of the season with under 10 seconds to go against the Hurricanes.  He registered 2 goals and was +2.
Phantom, and Ohio State's Cal Heeter got his first NHL start.  After a few jitters played very well.
     Think you know this great area we live in?  See if you can guess where I am:
     Where's Val Joey?
New Trivia question.  Starts 12/11, ends 12/17. Winner gets the Vinny Lecavalier autograph card pictured below.
Question:  When the flyers won their first Stanley Cup against the Bruins, Bernie Parent won the Conn Smythe award for being the best player in the playoffs.  As a result of the award he was given a car.  What did Bernie do with the car?
As always, best most complete answer gets the card!  Email your best answer to the link is
Last weeks answer and winner:  After Jaromir Jagr left the Flyers two years ago, he joined the Dallas Stars. At the deadline he was traded to the Boston Bruins. He now skates with the New Jersey Devils. In his short time with the Bruins, it was the fist time that Jagr had a team-mate that was ________. Fill in the blank!  The answer is "Taller".  Zdeno Chara was the first team-mate that was taller than Jagr.  First with the correct answer was Kevin K. from Largo Florida.
Flyers @ Rangers Thursday 7pm
Flyers rally down 4-1, lose in Shoot-out to Hurricanes.  Get set to face Rangers!
Leading Phantoms scorer Jason Akeson register a point, was +1 and had a hit in almost 13 and half minutes of ice time.
Jay Rosehill had 5 hits in 10 minutes of ice time in which will most likely be his last appearance of the season for the Flyers.
Hurricanes 6 Flyers 5
     If you were at the game, you may have been feeling the Flyers were going thru the motions and it was basically an exhibition game.
     The Flyers got down 3-1 in the first on rookie, Phantoms goalie Cal Heeter.  Then, to start the 2nd period, Eric Staal deked a couple of pilons and scored to make it 4-1. Ho-Hum, what are the Phillies doing?  
    Well the Flyers didn't let it happen and they rallied, keeping Heeter in the game.  Goals by Timonen, Simmonds and Couturier 3 and half minutes apart sent the game tied into the third period.  Jeff Skinner scored to givethe 'Canes the lead, but then Simmonds pounced on a point shot rebound with 9.5 seconds to go to send the game into overtime.
     First shooter Eric Staal tallied the only goal for the Hurricanes win.
     Verteran d-man Gill worked 21+ minutes and finished +1 with a hit and 4 blocked shots.  Simmonds 2 goals finished him as the season leader.  Scott Hartnell got a 5 minutes major for spearing that may lead to a playoff game or games suspension.  It was pretty light duty.  
Rangers series schedule:

Thurs 4/17   @ Rangers 7pm
Sunday 4/20@ Rangers Noon
Tues    4/22 vs Rangers 8pm
Friday  4/25 vs Rangers 7pm
Sunday 4/27 @ Rangers Noon*
Tues  4/29 vs Rangers TBA*
Weds 4/30 @ Rangers TBA*

if necessary