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Luke Schenn played even with 5 hits and 2 blocked shots against the Rangers in the series final.
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Scott Hartnell played even and laid out 3 hits in the final game.
Will you attend either of the Phantoms hockey games in Philly in February?

No, minor league hockey does not appeal to me 33.33% (13 votes)

Yes, I like all hockey that is Flyers 20.51% (8 votes)

Yes, I like the Flyers and I can afford the Phantoms tickets 20.51% (8 votes)

Yes, I go to Flyers games, and the Phantoms games will fill the void during the Olympic break 20.51% (8 votes)

No, I don't really know the players and have better things to do 5.13% (2 votes)
Total Votes: 39
Kimmo Timonen was +1 with a hit and 3 blocked shots in 21 and half minutes of ice in game 7 against the Rangers.  Have we seen the last of Kimmo?
Steve Mason did all he could for the Flyers, but he is cemented in as the the Flyers #1 goal for years to come.
     Think you know this great area we live in?  See if you can guess where I am:
     Where's Val Joey?
New Trivia question.  Starts 12/11, ends 12/17. Winner gets the Vinny Lecavalier autograph card pictured below.
Question:  When the flyers won their first Stanley Cup against the Bruins, Bernie Parent won the Conn Smythe award for being the best player in the playoffs.  As a result of the award he was given a car.  What did Bernie do with the car?
As always, best most complete answer gets the card!  Email your best answer to the link is
Last weeks answer and winner:  After Jaromir Jagr left the Flyers two years ago, he joined the Dallas Stars. At the deadline he was traded to the Boston Bruins. He now skates with the New Jersey Devils. In his short time with the Bruins, it was the fist time that Jagr had a team-mate that was ________. Fill in the blank!  The answer is "Taller".  Zdeno Chara was the first team-mate that was taller than Jagr.  First with the correct answer was Kevin K. from Largo Florida.
Steve Mason does all he can to save Flyers post-season, but Rangers win 2-1
Jason Akeson scored his second goal of the series to bring the Flyers within 1 four and half minutes into the third period in the final.
Claude Giroux finished the series with 2 goals, but came up empty in the final logging 23+ minutes of ice time with 1 hit.
Rangers 2 Flyers 1

      The bad news is our season is over, the good news is, the Flyers have a goal-tender.  Steve Mason was more than amazing in the game 7 against the Rangers, and you can't help but to wonder what would have been had he played in the first several games.
      New kid on the block Jason Akeson scored the only Flyers goal when he took a right circle shot that bounced off the defensemen right back to him and on his second shot he scored.  Akeson is the all time leading scorer for the Adirondack Phantoms , who are moving to Allentown next season.
     Mason stopped 29 shots, including the second period totally dominated by the Rangers where he stopped 16 shots.
    Old Friend Dan Carcillo, scratched much of the series scored his second goal of the series early in the second period to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead.
GM 1 Rangers 4 Flyers 1
GM 2 Flyers 3 Rangers 2
GM 3 Rangers 4 Flyers 1
GM 4 Flyers 2 Rangers 1
GM 5 Rangers 4 Flyers 2
Game 6 Flyers 5 Rangers 2
Game 7 Rangers 2 Flyers 1

Rangers win series 4-3