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About this site

     This site is NOT affiliated with the Philadelphia Flyers or the National Hockey League. The views and opinions of this site are strictly ours and no one else. Content of this site is checked for accuracy, but not flawless. Please double check any information regarding schedules, etc. Please report any inaccuracies to webmaster@flyers.com.​
     Welcome to Flyers.com.  This site is a tribute and reflection of my passion towards the sport of hockey. And although it may be obvious, part of that passion is hockey cards. I go to as many hockey games as time and money permits. My residence puts me within 3 hours of 4 other NHL rinks, with another just 4 hours away. I have been known to stay up until wait too late in the morning watch the great western conference battles.  Last year I ventured out to Glens Falls, NY on two different weekend and met some great new friends and caught a couple of games each time I went.

     To me, hockey is the greatest sport, played by the greatest players. No sport is more un-selfish in its' play. No sport is more demanding in its physicality and it's required mental toughness. Ice warriors coming together for almost 9 months. Playing against players they may have been competing against since they were 12 years old. And if successful after about 100 games, the chance to have their name and their fellow warriors names on the greatest trophy in existence, Lord Stanley's Cup! With that inscription comes the immortality of being recognized as a member of the best team for that period of history. Those players persevered, extended great efforts, and eventually became victorious. There is no greater glory in sports. No citizen in any community has higher standing than those with a Stanley Cup Ring. Hockey is the greatest sport, the NHL its' greatest league.

     So I say to you, let's celebrate the National Hockey League and it's players, team personnel and fans! This site is solely for the entertainment of those that view it. Inaccuracies, misinformation, and broken links can be emailed to the webmaster below. If you want to chat about the Flyers or have comments about www.flyers.com email me.

     I would like to thank all of my Flyers and NHL friends for the emailing of pictures and stories over the years.  Lets have a great year, and put the strike behind us.

     To the NHL, The Flyers, their past and present players that I have had a chance to meet, my NHL friends, thank you for everything!

See you soon.