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Most preseason games are non-events, but the early games have many of the players that will not make the NHL roster, so its a chance to see some of the future stars and cast-offs.
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Game of the month:
2015 September Pre-season Games
Sept.21  Monday    7pm   vs   Islanders        W 5-3
Date         Day        Time         Opponent       Result
Sept. 21  Monday    7pm    @   Islanders           L  2-3
Sept. 25  Friday     7pm    vs   Islanders        W 5-2
Sept.22  Tuesday  7pm    vs   Rangers         W 5-3
​Sept. 28  Monday   7pm   vs   Rangers        L 2-3 (OT)
Sept. 30  Wednesday  7pm  vs  Devils         L 2-4